Business owners


If you own a business you need to look into solar energy now; there has never been a better time.

We have several programs where we can install a solar array for you with no money down and you will begin to receive cash benefits and a decreased electric bill from day one. 

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Mass save energy audits


Through partnering with Madison Energy Solutions, LLC. business owners can have a free Mass Save Energy Audit completed at their property. The Mass Save energy audit can locate financial incentives and technical assistance for business owners who are building new facilities or undergoing major renovations, replacing failed equipment or upgrading equipment and systems to be more efficient.



Madison Energy Solutions, LLC and Phillips Lighting will professionally design and implement an LED lighting system and bring all aspects of energy savings and tax credits that will enable every business owner to achieve a higher rate of return on their energy investment.

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Asset depreciation

energy tax credits

​Mass save energy incentives

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